Soothe Bundle

Soothe Bundle
Soothe Bundle
Soothe Bundle
Soothe Bundle

Soothe Bundle

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non greasy like other anti chafing products such as talcum powder and glide

Anti-Chafing Cream

The high-performance formula of the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream creates a water and sweat resistant barrier, protecting you from the irritation caused by friction and rubbing all day long.

help staying asleep and getting the right amount of sleep - made for all sleep schedules

Sleep Pillow Mist

The 100% natural formula of the the BeYou Sleep Pillow Mist has been designed to help you relax and destress before sleep using the finest essential oils.

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period cramps and period pain patches, menstrual cups and cbd for endometriosis

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to those everyday problems.


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