CBD Infused Bath Salts

best natural 100mg cbd bath salts in rose scent

BeYou CBD Infused Bath Salts

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Dissolve your stresses and strains with the rose scented BeYou CBD infused Bath Salts, infused with 100mg of CBD.


Add some salts to your relaxation routine and unwind from the day in a tranquil bath.

Cleansing Properties

Soak in the soothing blend of epsom salts and lavish in their cleansing properties, clearing the rustling of the mind.

Heat Therapy

Step into a tub of warm water and expose your body to 30 minutes of therapeutic relief, adding the bath salts for extra satisfaction.

Vegan Friendly

Using natural and cruelty-free ingredients, our CBD infused Bath Salts are powered with sustainable ingredients which are kind to your skin and the environment.


Relieve tension and soothe the skin while enjoying the blend of our 100% natural minerals and salts.

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to those everyday problems.


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