BeYou Monthly Patches

Natural Period Cramp Relief

NOT a heat patch.
Soothe period cramps the natural way!

Hot Water



On-the-go relief

Discreet and Lightweight

Use alongside medication

Invented Specifically for Periods

Convenient to sleep with

Proven to release over 12 hours

All Natural and Vegan-friendly

Cruelty-free and Biodegradable

Heat therapy was never fit for purpose. BeYou Patches were designed from the ground up to specifically help with period cramps.

Anti-inflammatory, no downer on mood (like painkillers), and totally discreet!

The TRPM8 Receptor

Our patch brings blood (and oxygen) back to the area. It's also anti-inflammatory working directly with the Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily M Member 8 (TRPM8) to provide analgesia (pain relief). Heat, on the other hand, only brings blood back to the area, while increasing inflammation!

0.3mm thick

As an oil, vasodilation would be measurable from 15-45mins but return to baseline at 60mins. Our patch is demonstrated to release consistently over 12 hours meaning cutaneous vasodilation for the duration. Get on with your day (or night) without having a hot water bottle strapped to you!

Perfect Molecular Weight

We've designed our patches to ensure the menthol and eucalyptus triatomic molecules are the perfect weight in daltons to be absorbed quickly through the skin and get to work.

Trustpilot Reviews

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  • Can I find the Monthly Patches on the high-street?

    Yes! Our Monthly Patches are available in selected WH Smiths stores, Whole Foods Market, Harrods and 100’s of independent pharmacies. Find your closest store on our Store Finder at the bottom of the page. You can also find us online at Superdrug, Missguided, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and Chemist Direct.
  • Is the Monthly Patch heating or cooling?

    Neither! Most people describe it as a tingling sensation that lasts for the first 30 minutes once you apply the patch. After that it does its thing and helps takes the edge off! Unlike hot water bottles the ingredients release over a 12 hour period.
  • Can I use this with medication or painkillers?

    Most of our customers are able to at least reduce the amount of painkillers they take. Some are even able to make do without using any additional painkillers! In any case, most users agree that by using the patches they are at least able to get on with their day without the downer and negative impact on mood that heavy painkillers tend to have! Our patches are not a medicine, and while they're 100% natural and have a great safety profile, its always worth consulting with your GP if you want complete peace of mind!
  • Do the Monthly Patches come in other colours?

    Our Patches are beige because this is the colour of the natural plant fibres we use to create them, with zero additional nasties such as artificial colours or chemical-filled dyes. We're working on making them the BeYou teal colour (or maybe transparent) but so far we have not found anything natural that keeps the efficacy of our patches intact! As we say though, we're working on it so watch this space!
  • What are the ingredients in the Monthly Patch?

    Our Monthly Patches are made from natural plant fibres and contain a proprietary matrix arrangement of Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil, enveloped with an adhesive made from tree sap. It is a naturally derived medical-grade polymer blend and contains no nasties.
  • What can I use the Monthly Patches for?

    Front, back, legs, breasts - you can use them wherever you need to; all day, or all night - or both! All you need to do is place it directly onto your skin and the natural adhesive will do it’s work for up to 12 hours, so you can tackle your day (or night)!
  • Can I use the Monthly Patch if I’m breastfeeding?

    When it comes to breastfeeding, there is some anecdotal evidence to show that menthol can reduce the amount of milk produced. While that can be great for engorgement, it's not the intended purpose so we'd stay clear until breastfeeding is over.
  • How do I remove the Monthly Patch?

    Make sure that you always remove the Monthly Patch with warm water. You’ll need to do this to loosen the strong, sticky adhesive that is made to last for up to 12 hours.

    It’s simple really, you can either remove these patches whilst in the shower or bath, at the end of your day or just before your day - or take a damp cloth and pat the patches until it is damp and peels off easily. This is a requirement, not a recommendation. It’s a monthly patch, not a wax strip ;)
  • Are your Monthly Patches Vegan?

    Absolutely! We pride ourselves on the fact that our Monthly Patches are registered with the Vegan Society; being completely cruelty-free with no nasty-animal derived ingredients.

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