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Is last-minute Christmas shopping way too familiar? If you’re still unsure of what to buy for your favourite menstruator, don’t worry we have you covered. The BeYou Gift Bundles are the perfect stocking filler who any of your loved ones who want to take the leap into natural period care.  

Patch & Chafing Cream Bundle 

Chub rub or chafing is not what you need when getting your groove on at the work Christmas party. If you have an active Christmas day planned, chafing can drive you and your thighs insane when running around after the little ones. Enter the chafing bundle. The BeYou Anti-Chafing cream and Patch have been designed to be a silky smooth match made in heaven. 

Many women experience sore chafing irritation when wearing sanitary towelsThe sticky adhesive they use on the wings angers the skin even more due to the tacky texture and the harsh chemicals. That in combination with crippling period pain is definitely something we don’t want this Christmas. The Anti-Chafing Cream not only creates a silky veil over the skin the colloidal silver kills any unwanted bacteria on the top layer of the skin. The non-greasy formula has been designed to work in harmony with your sanitary towels, meaning your pad won’t be sliding about or sticking to your thighs. With the Patch & Chafing Cream bundle, you can glide through your Christmas without having the worry about annoying period pain. 

Balm & Patch Bundle  

Aches and pains crop up at the worst of times, especially around Christmas. Period pain and muscular tension are always at the worst when we are stressed. And who isn’t stressed around Christmas time?! The Balm & Patch bundle is here to put all that stress to bed. If you’re still unclear about CBD check out CBD strengths blog and our blog on the CBD spectrum

Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of using both a patch and the CBD balm together. Simply peel off the sticky tabs and place the patch on the desired area. Then apply the CBD balm around the patch. It’s really that easy! The naturally anti-inflammatory essentials oils will get to work in under 30 mins and can last for up to 12 hours. Whilst the CBD balm slowly melts into your skin, you can enjoy 100% natural relief while watching the Queen’s speech or playing your favourite party games. 

Sleep Mist & Patch Bundle

Period pains leave many women feeling restless and severely sleep-deprived. Throw the stress of Christmas into the mix and the whole month of December becomes a fatigued nightmare. The Sleep Mist & Patch are here to make all your Christmas time worries drift away. The BeYou Patch can be worn overnight so the essential oils can relax your muscles as you sleep. 

The BeYou Sleep Pillow Mist has been expertly blended with French Lavender, Chamomile, Vetiver, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang oils which have been used in aromatherapy practices for hundreds of years. To enjoy the calming scent of the Sleep Pillow Mist, simply spray both sides of duvet and pillow and then beginning breathing through your nose for 4 seconds and out through the mouth for 7 seconds. The sleepy notes of the mist quieten any pre-Christmas day nerves, letting you lie back and sleep peacefully this Christmas eve. 

Cup & Wash Bundle 

If you or any of your other fave menstruators want to switch to a more eco-friendly period product this new year, this bundle is for you. The Cup & Wash Gift Bundles contain one BeYou Menstrual Cup (medium or large) and one Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser. Our menstrual is great for beginners as it is made from super soft medical grade silicone, making it so easy to fold and insert. The silicone is also free from any nasty chemicals, unlike tampons. 

The 12-hour leak-free protection means you can insert your menstrual cup at the start of Christmas day and remove it when all your relatives have (finally) left. The Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser is a great addition to your cup as it maintains hygienically cleans it without the use of SLS foaming agents. The 100% natural formula combats bacteria without disturbing your pH balance. Did we mention the cleanser ensure your cup lasts for up to 10 years? Who doesn’t want pad-free periods until 2030? We certainly do! 

BeYou Gift Bundles are here to make Christmas that little bit easier. We all deserve to enjoy the Christmas period and Gift Bundles will make sure you and loved ones get that extra little TLC you deserve. 

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