Our 4800mg CBD is back in stock!

The good news doesn’t stop coming! 

With less than 75 days left of 2020, our CBD range is bringing you great news that will undoubtedly give you the boost needed for the final stretch of 100 Days to Be You!

You may have thought that our last CBD announcement was the best it’s going to get, but it just got so much better!

Our 4800mg CBD strength is back in stock and it’s the best value for money (just like the rest of our CBD range)! Whether you prefer to take the CBD drops, CBD sprays or both, you’ll be relieved to know that the 4800mg has it both!

You can get our best value CBD strength in the same favourite flavours as the rest of our range: Natural, Berry and Lemon! 

Best CBD flavours with BeYou

What do the different CBD strengths mean?

All the numbers and different measurements may seem completely confusing at first, when you’re a complete CBD newbie - but it’s a lot simpler than you think. 

The word ‘strength’ is a stronger sounding word than what it really means, when it comes to CBD oil

CBD Strengths

Our CBD strengths range from 300mg CBD, 600mg CBD, 1200mg CBD, 2400mg CBD and our best value yet: 4800mg CBD! This means that for every CBD strength that you get, you’ll need to take a different number of sprays or drops each day, depending on the strength.

What does a higher CBD strength mean?

Think of your CBD like a carton of orange juice; the higher the strength, the higher the concentration of CBD. A higher CBD strength will mean that you require less drops or sprays each day to reach your daily dose. It doesn’t mean that you’re taking in more CBD - it’s all the same still :) 

If that doesn’t make sense, maybe the table below will put it into perspective.

BeYou CBD Dosage Guide*







Approx. drops per day*




0.8 drop-fulls

0.4 drop-fulls 

Approx. sprays per day*






*Based on the recommended daily dose of 70mg per day.

Basically, all that it comes down to is that a higher CBD strength will last for a longer time, before you need to top up your bottle again!

Best CBD Strength

What is the best CBD strength to take?

You may have noticed that our entire CBD range comes in quantities of 30ml, making it much simpler for you to measure your preferred daily dose of CBD.

Many find that the optimum daily CBD dosage is between 40-70mg. Based on the results from our most satisfied BeYou CBD customers, we recommend starting your journey with 70mg per day. 

That means that if you’re getting the 4800mg CBD strength, then you’ll be getting up to 10 weeks of CBD at only £1.12 per day – saving you more each day than any of our lower CBD strengths! This is exactly why the 4800mg is our best value CBD, yet!

You can get our same high-quality CBD to last you for an even longer time, saving you more along the way! Grab your 4800mg CBD oil as drops or a spray, or you can get a dual applicator for both! Order it directly from our site now and begin saving on your CBD lifestyle!

Getting started with CBD

Using CBD for the first time may seem like a steep learning curve at first, but that’s why we’re here! Our team knows the ins and outs of CBD oil and are happy to help with any questions that you may have! We all had to start somewhere along the line :) Just give us a shout, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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