More Value. More CBD!

We’re kicking off our 100 days to BeYou with a special surprise, and it’s one that will last forever! Among celebrating the greatness achieved through this confusing year, BeYou is kicking off these last 100 days with the best news yet!

You asked. We listened.

We’ve always received a great deal of interest around how to get started with CBD from our BeYou customers, for various reasons. This increased demand for our CBD range has sky-rocketed our production even more than when we dropped our prices earlier this year!

That’s not the great news though! We’ve always prided ourselves in being fully transparent with our community. And due to the ever-growing demand to introduce CBD and balance to your day, our CBD production costs have decreased! 

Our formulation remains completely unchanged, with the only difference being the price!

High-quality Savings. Same High-quality CBD.

With the following savings, not only are you getting the same high-quality for even better value - you also get more from your CBD routine for less!

Not that you were unhappy before, but now you can save even more from your CBD journey on any of our following CBD products and their available strengths:

BeYou CBD range

What are our CBD products?

Our CBD range provides you with the most suitable option to take in the recommended dose of CBD, in order to balance with your daily routine. 

From rigorous testing, and then again (our CBD is tested twice!), to extensive research, BeYou has pin-pointed the most convenient way for you to ingest CBD with your day-to-day regime, to give you the best results!

Whether you prefer to consume our CBD oil orally or topically to a more specific area, for a targeted effect, we’ve got the CBD range for you!

How to get started with CBD

Our dosage guide is based on our most satisfied BeYou CBD customers, in which users normally find their optimum dosage being between 40-120mg. 

We do realise that for someone just starting out with CBD, this is a big difference, not even adding into the mix that everyone is different too! This is why we at BeYou recommend starting off with 70mg of CBD per day, for your first week of your CBD routine. 

After a week has gone by, you are likely to decide whether you were satisfied with your dosage or not, and adjust as you feel the need to. If you are thinking of adjusting your dosage then take a look at the handy guide we have made to help you with your dosage guide, below!
BeYou CBD Dosage Guide

Up your strength!

A common misconception when it comes to CBD is that the higher the strength, the higher dosage. However, CBD has shown no adverse effects within dosages. 

With our even lower prices on our CBD range, you may find it more beneficial to try one of our higher strength CBD oils or CBD sprays - especially if you’re sticking to the recommended 70mg per day. You’ll find that with our popular 2400mg strength and new price, you now get more than a month of CBD for less than the price of your daily coffee!

Now isn’t that a way to kick-off the last bend of this year! If you want to know more about starting your CBD journey with BeYou, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can also take a look at our answers to some of your more frequent CBD questions, should you have any!


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