How to practise self care 101

Whether you’re working from home, you’re still commuting to work or you’re taking time off, looking after yourself shouldn’t be skipped. We understand that it can seem a little daunting diving into the world of self care if you have no idea where to start. That’s why we’ve developed these bundles of our favourite products to help you get the me-time you deserve. 

The Self Care Bundle 

There really is no time like the present to start your self care routine and these products will help you get back to basics. Including one of the new BeYou Bath Bombs as well as our dreamy Sleep Pillow Mist, this is the perfect bundle for helping you unwind after a long day, before an evening’s rest. 

Our all natural Bath Bombs have been tried and tested on real humans and bathtubs to ensure they are kind to all skin types - and tubs! They contain no artificial colours or preservatives as well as any parabens, microbeads or glitters. The 100% vegan formula only contains the purest essential oils, nourishing Epsom salts and just a pinch of organic botanical extracts. Choose one of the four indulgent scents to suit your mood so you can end your day on a refreshingly relaxing note.

Like our Bath Bombs, our Sleep Pillow Mist has been trialled by over 100 participants who said they struggled with anxiety, stress and insomnia and were in need of a good night’s sleep. After extensive feedback sessions and several consumer trials, we developed a truly luxurious fragrance. Over 90% of our participants said it left them feeling refreshed in the morning and 97% said they would recommend it to a friend. 

The Soothe bundle

Home workouts are most certainly ‘in’. If you want to, you can now find any class you would usually do at the gym, online! Just because you’re at home though that doesn’t mean you should skip on your pre/post-workout routine. We think we have just the solution: The Soothe Bundle. Made up of our Anti-Chafing Cream and Sleep Pillow Mist, this bundle is sure to start and end your workout the right way. 

Our Anti Chafing Cream is made up of all natural, high-performance ingredients to prevent and soothe chafing at the root. That’s right, we know you chafe at home too! The extra virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil emulsion creates a silky smooth barrier over your skin to protect your thighs, arms, boobs etc. before your workout even begins. The infused Colloidal Silver particles fight bacteria on the skin and help it heal any cuts or grazes you need to shield before working out. 

After you have enjoyed a blood-pumping, chafe-free home workout you can wind down and stretch out with the BeYou Sleep Pillow Mist. The relaxing aromatherapy blend is perfect to use not just before you go to sleep but also before your stretch routine or meditation practice. Simply spritz your yoga matt or chill out space with the Sleep Pillow Mist and begin to inhale the relaxing notes of the essential oils. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds and then exhale for 7 seconds, making sure to focus on the breath as your mind and body begin to wind down. Repeat this process until you fall into a dreamy daze. 

The Relax Bundle

BeYou says relax...with this bundle! Whether you’re working from home, are still travelling to work or you’re constantly on your feet then we have the bundle for you. Our Relax Bundle contains none other than our luxurious CBD Muscle Balm and you guessed it, our calming Sleep Pillow Mist

Our CBD Muscle Balm is perfect for anyone just starting out on their CBD journey or for anyone who wants to incorporate a little more CBD into their self care routine. The organic extra virgin Coconut Oil moisturises and nourishes any area of the body that needs some well-deserved TLC. We chose to use Coconut Oil in our CBD Balm as it is known for its conductive properties particularly for CBD. Top tip! Make the most of your CBD Muscle Balm by gently massaging it into aching hands and/or feet. Trust us, you won’t regret it.  

Getting some shut-eye is so important for your physical and mental health. The day’s worries always seem to catch up with us at nighttime and relaxing your mind can seem like an impossible task. That’s why we tried and tested over 85 different variations of our Sleep Pillow Mist to find just the right blend. Our specialist aromatherapy team has crafted a hypnotic formula of French Lavender, Vetiver, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang essential oils to entice you into a restful sleep. 

Self care is crucial no matter what time of year or where you’re working. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of the ingredients or your self care products to enjoy your ‘me-time’. That’s why we developed our self care bundles so you can treat yourself to something special every day. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team via the web chat or on any of our social media. 

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