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How much CBD should I take?

After asking our BeYou followers what they would like to see next, a CBD range was of course next on the cards for BeYou. Coupled with our drive to empower women through education, we decided to answer the frequently asked questions surrounding CBD. This blog is all about dosage. 

Figuring out what CBD dosage is right for you may seem daunting. We’re here to make it all easy. We created the BeYou CBD range with beginners and CBD experts in mind. This handy guide to CBD dosage will demystify all your queries.

Our findings 

From analysing what our CBD customers use on a regular basis, the average daily dosage for a BeYou user can range from 20mg-120mg. Why? Because everyone is different! CBD should be taken as part of a balanced lifestyle which can vary vastly from person to person. It all depends on what you find works for you. 

Our customers who continually reach for BeYou CBD, who are most satisfied with the results, tend to use a higher dosage on a regular basis. The baseline user dosage is approximately 70mg+. As we’ve said before every body is different, meaning your body may prefer a lower dosage. We encourage you to do your research and find what feels good for you. 

How do I use CBD daily? 

Developing your CBD routine is a lot easier than you think. First, start small. Begin by incorporating a smaller dosage and increasing it steadily to suit your needs. After all, you know you best. From both our ambassadors and customers, we’ve seen the most positive experiences in cases where they have a higher CBD daily dosage. 

We recommend starting at around 30mg a day for 7 days. After one week, increase your dosage to 40 mg. Continue this process until you find your sweet CBD spot. Don’t be afraid to step your CBD dosage up. The beauty of our CBD range is how we extract the finest ingredients in external laboratories to ensure you have the highest CBD at your disposal. That’s why there is no need to worry about taking a higher dosage. 

Is CBD safe in higher dosages? 

CBD is completely safe to use in high doses. Various clinical trials have repeatedly use 100mg-600mg a day on participants. This is because CBD has shown no adverse effects in these dosages. In a small minority of cases, where an individual takes 500mg+ they may experience mild nausea. However, this is not common. 

According to the World Health Organisation, CBD is “generally well tolerated, with a good safety profile”. Further studies have also shown that the human body tolerates CBD well with no side effects during and after regular use. 

There is so much more to learn! 

CBD comes in an array of products and strengths for you to try. With that comes a whole host of other CBD questions. Check out  Starting Your CBD JourneyCBD: What does Broad Spectrum mean?! & CBD: Making sense of the strengths for more information on all things BeYou CBD.   

Chat to us on our web chat if you have any burning CBD questions. Alternatively, you can contact us via our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page to get in touch with one of our team. 

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