Discovering our CBD Drops and CBD Spray

If you're new to CBD products, the options for taking CBD can seem a little overwhelming. That's why we’ve put together an introductory guide for some of the cornerstone BeYou CBD products.

This guide to cannabidiol breaks down your main options—before you buy CBD it’s best to be as informed as possible. Today we’re going to discuss the key differences between our CBD spray and our CBD drops! So, before you go and buy CBD, let's discuss how CBD oils differ from other CBD products.


Applying CBD easily and effectively

When taking CBD, it’s important to consider what method has the most effective rate of absorption. Effective absorption will get the CBD into your system in the most direct way, allowing you to get the most out of your CBD products

The issue with taking CBD orally is that it passes through the stomach where a lot of that wonderful CBD dissolves. That's why we recommend taking our CBD Oral Drops and our CBD Oral Spray sublingually (under the tongue) so that the CBD is absorbed through all the helpful blood vessels there.

Taking CBD sublingually is easy! Just lift your tongue and squeeze out a few CBD Oral Drops, or take a couple of hits of the CBD Oral Spray. Then just wait for around 90 seconds until all of the CBD oil has been absorbed. If you swallow some of it it's totally fine, it’s just less efficient.

The benefit of sublingual CBD oils over products like vape oils, is that it creeps in a little slower, and typically lasts longer. With vaping you'll feel it within a few minutes, but it only lasts a few hours. However, our CBD oils come in gradually over 30 minutes, and last around six hours. So if you're looking for easy, long-lasting effects, this is the way to go!

Why Pure CBD?

All of our CBD products have been created with one goal in mind: extracting all of the pure CBD from natural hemp plant. That’s why both our CBD Oral Drops and our CBD Oral Spray have a CBD purity of 99.9%. Our CBD products are made of exactly what you want them to be - no secret surprises! 

CBD Oral Drops or CBD Oral Spray?

So, now that the boring science about CBD is out of the way, it's time to decide between the CBD Oral Drops and the CBD Oral Spray. What are you going to do? Don't worry, we're here to help.

CBD Oral Drops

The main distinction between the two is the choice of carrier oil, which is the type of oil we blend our CBD extract with. For our CBD Oral Drops we use hemp seed oil as a carrier, since it's high in omega fatty acids and proteins.

Prices start at £19.99, and you can get your hands on these tasty CBD Oral Drops here. 

CBD Oral Spray

If placing natural oils beneath your tongue isn't your thing, we've got you covered with our CBD Oral Spray! Rather than dropping oils under your tongue, you can take your CBD with a fine spray, making the process lighter, easier, and honestly pretty fun. The CBD dosage guide will tell you just how many sprays you need to take to reach your daily CBD dosage.

Instead of hemp seed oil, our CBD Oral Spray utilises MCT (coconut) oil as its carrier. We use this because MCT oil works great with cannabidiol and the coconut flavour makes taking your daily dose of CBD under the tongue even easier due to its mellow flavour.

Your favourite CBD flavour

But wait, there are still more decisions to be made! Don’t worry, this is where it gets fun. You may have narrowed down between CBD Oral Spray and CBD Oral Drops, but they both come in three different flavours! 

The carrier oils contribute to the taste and consistency of the product, but all of these flavours have been handpicked to complement the CBD experience. Let’s check them out!

Natural CBD

  • This is the true CBD experience. Our natural flavour maximizes the earthy, green flavours of hemp. But don't worry, it's done in a delicious way!

Lemon CBD

  • This citrusy flavour comes from our organic lemon flavouring. It's the perfect zesty treat that's flavourful but still light and easy.

Berry CBD

  • If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the one for you. The natural sugars of the delicious blackberry flavouring mask the earthy hemp perfectly. It's like dessert, but good for you!

CBD oil strengths

You didn't think you were done making decisions, did you? You still have to choose the strength of your CBD product, but we've made it easy for you!

4800mg CBD

  • If you know what you want, this is the way to go! It's our best-selling size, and the perfect way to hit that 70mg a day, without breaking the bank! No reason to constantly have to reorder when you can get it all right here. 

1200mg CBD

  • Our 1200mg option is great if you're using other CBD products daily as well. It'll still last you a while, but isn't quite as much of a commitment as the 4800mg option.

600mg CBD

  • If you're still not sure about CBD, or if you just want to try a little bit of all of our flavours and products, start small. Once you have a favourite, you can move up to the bigger sizes and save some money in the long run!

Buy CBD now

Now that you have all your options right in front of you, it's time to buy! You can buy CBD right here, whether you’re buying the CBD Oral Spray, the CBD Oral Drops, or any of other CBD products! Still not sure which CBD oil to go for? Then drop us a message and we'll be able to help you right out! 

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