100 Days to Be You 🎉

Tomorrow, we begin to make the shift into a new reality. Only 100 days left until we begin to close yet another chapter within our lifetime and turn to a page which we hope to fill with inspiration and positive energy.

Although 2020 may have turned out as disappointing as our summer vacation, we have to give credit that it probably did shed light on necessary fields of our life – even if it wasn't the kind of light we'd hoped for.

By being separated from the outside world, the globe gave us the break that many of us needed from society. We began to face a force begging to be reckoned with: ourselves. Dedicating our time to interests and activities which we had always wanted to; one new year’s resolution at a time. 

Don’t discredit the progress and transformation that has taken place this year! Boundaries have been broken, old friendships reconnected (virtually), menstrual cups were tested and loaves of banana bread were fed–within households. 

 100 days to BeYou

Revolutions, not resolutions

There’s 100 days left of this year! And as we move into colder weather, the trees aren’t the only ones turning a new leaf! This year, we’re swapping our resolutions for revolutions. 

Greatness has come from 2020, whether we’ve been exposed to it through lockdown or not. While we take the time to process the grave sadness experienced throughout this year - let it serve as a reminder of all that we still have yet to achieve!

With a chance to switch-off, detox and restart this year, these last 100 days have unleashed a sense of perseverance for this last stretch! You’re approaching the finish line and this is your final push–let’s give ourselves all we’ve got.

Credit your progress

With 100 days to Be You, we want to give credit to all of the progress you’ve made! Be it learning how to cook an all-time favourite recipe, reading a number of books, acknowledging new pieces of information and broadening your mindset to include new thoughts and experiences or taking the pressure of yourself: we’ve all seen a shift this year!

Fine-tune your goals for the year

We don’t know about you, but here at the BeYou team, we want to leave this year with a bang! Time is too precious to wish away! 

Now, we’re not encouraging you to turn up the heat and set last-minute, unachievable goals! Instead, these last 100 days we’re taking the time to continue on our path with:

  • Less pressure and more time for ourselves.
  • Virtually reconnecting with friends spread out across the nation and globe.
  • Finding creative solutions for entertainment and experiences.
  • Cutting down on energy consuming interactions.
  • Getting to know more about ourselves and bodies'.
  • Trying out a menstrual cup for the first time.
  • Educate and expand your knowledge around topics outside of your bubble.
  • Invest in a new project: yoga, walks, drawing, reading - whichever suits you!

Tune in to hope

There’s no harm in having hope. Getting your hopes up shouldn’t be viewed as a negative outlook. In fact, if being hopeful is all that we can be right now, that’s okay too! The BeYou team has some great things planned for this final run of 2020, starting tomorrow! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for what’s about to land in this space, in T-minus 24 hours!

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