What does pelvic health physio involve?

Pelvic health physio can involve many different things. It depends on what's taking you to the physio.

Normally, all sessions start an initial assessment where we take a thorough history from yourself, about your medical history, your social history, what you're presenting within the clinic, and then we go through quite detailed questions about bladder, about vagina health, sexual health, obstetric history, and then any gynae history and any surgery you might have.

A lot of people think physio always has to be an internal examination but it does not always have to involve that, and it just depends on what you want as a patient. But if you're interested in those, they are normally single digit examination involving gloves, sterile and plenty of lube and it gives us a thorough indication of any kind of tissue abnormalities, increased tone or low tone and muscle strength and endurance to be able to tailor pelvic floor physio specifically for your pelvic floor.

But generally, it's a lot of questions in the first assessment, and it'll be guided there with you and your physio on what you require.

Sarah Tella

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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