What are the symptoms are PFD? (pelvic floor dysfunction)

'What are the usual symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction? And can it occur after birth, too?'

So the usual symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction that we would typically associate are urinary incontinence. So leaking urine when you jump, sneeze, cough, laugh needing to go toilet quickly and not being able to hold it. Other things that I said normal pelvic floor dysfunction are pain.

So if you have any pain or discomfort down there with intercourse or penetration where you just touch, if you have difficulty with emptying your bowels, if you struggle with constipation, and also if you've got fecal urgency.

And unfortunately after childbirth, these symptoms are more common. So again, bladder issues, becoming incontinent or noticing little bit of incontinence as well as sometimes difficulties with the back passage and control.

And again, depending if there's been a tear, how big that tear is, and sometimes as well with after birth, it's worth highlighting that some people also have bladder issues where they can't empty their bladder. They have reduced bladder sensation, and sometimes the bladder gets a bit overstretched, maybe when it's not empty during labour, so it loses that contract ability. So you might be losing retention and physio can assess for those two.

Sarah Tella

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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