I feel bloated pretty much all the time with no idea why - where would you recommend I start when looking at?

I feel bloated pretty much all of the time. Where do you recommend I start when looking at what could be the cause?

There can be many, many courses to bloating. It can be due to a vast array of different things. But the first thing I would be looking at is the nutrient density of your diet and how easy what food you're giving your body that is easy to digest.

For example, I recommend having a diet full of cooked and warming food. So swapping out the morning smoothie for some cooked eggs with maybe some vegetables, or maybe a warming bowl of porridge with collagen powder and some fruit just to get the body warm, swapping out your salads for cooked root vegetables.

Introducing, stews, soups just to make sure you're giving the body easy to digest food because when food is raw, it's really hard for the digestive system to break down, and when we cook the food, it breaks down fibres and makes it much more easy to digest, which can help reduce bloating. It's also worth tracking your bloating alongside your cycle.

If you are someone that bleeds because you might find that the bloating is exasperated at certain points of your cycle, maybe around ovulation, maybe just before you bleed or maybe during your period. And that is really important information. I would start by doing those things for a few months. And if things don't get better, seek out a health professional, a nutritionist, or someone who can work with you on a diet.

Abby Foreman

Hormone & Metabolism Nutritionist

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